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I've acquired a few new people on my f-list in the past few weeks, so I thought it was probably round about time I actually posted again. Hello there! You are probably already entirely aware of who I am and what I post (or else why would you have added me?), but still - hi, pleased to meet, you, I'm Skew. These days this journal is mostly sporadic updates about my life, what I've been watching/reading/writing lately and the occasional meme, but you never know, I may one day become interesting again.

- It's been snowing a fair bit lately, which I wouldn't mind, particularly, other than this is of course the exact time at which my boots choose to spring a leak. Having to dry one's feet out on an electric heater every evening is a pretty small inconvenience compared to, say, working out childcare plans when the schools are shut or getting to work when the buses can't get through snow, but there's a small paranoid part of me that keeps checking for early signs of trench foot.

- Most of you have probably heard this already, but there's going to be another Spielberg/Hanks WWII miniseries! AND IT'S GOT PLANES. And, er, guys who fly in them, obviously. I'm a little dismayed that they've passed up the chance to focus on a theatre of the war or group of people that doesn't get much attention (eg. North Africa, the Philippines, Burma, and anything other than another bunch of white guys), but I'm still terribly excited and particularly delighted by the fact that after dealing with two branches of the armed forces I previously didn't care much about (and convincing me to love them anyway), they're now going for my beloved flyboys. Although knowing what the casualty rates were like for bomber crews, I'm already despairing in the absolute certainty that yet again, I'm going to fall head over heels for someone who'll die a horrible unjust death. Probably in episode 7.

- Went to see Django Unchained last Friday. Really enjoyed it, although it could do with being half an hour shorter. It doesn't do all that much that he hasn't done before - honestly, Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds have almost the same plot, although given the film's subject, this is a fair bit more thought-provoking (at least for me; not knowing as much as I should about slavery in 19th-century America, I'd like to go read up and find out what of the movie was true) - but he does do his ridiculous blood-soaked revenge epics pretty darn well, and the cast were great, especially Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz.

- Been job-hunting lately. It hasn't gone well. Two years of working in a shitty entry-level admin job and all my experience qualifies me to do is, well, work in shitty entry-level admin jobs. All employers want is somebody who already knows what to do, which is fine, but how does one ever learn?

At least I'll be getting a change of scene soon - my employers have hired a permanent member of staff to fill my post, so even if I don't get a job some place else, the temp agency'll send me off somewhere new. I don't entirely understand the reasons given for why I couldn't be hired for this permanent post, especially given they all felt I was doing perfectly well, but if there's one thing I've learned from temping, it's that agency workers are considered basically worthless. Fingers crossed I'll be hearing back from grad school soon and none of this will matter much anyway, but in the meantime, I just hope that wherever I go next is nice.

- And finally! The other day someone posted some pictures of RL Harry Welsh I'd never seen before. It's a shame - although absolutely typical of Tumblr - that there's no source given or links to full-size versions of the originals, but still, new pictures! Including one in which he looks more astonishingly like the television version of himself than he does in any other photograph I've seen of him; it can never be said enough just how good a job the casting people did.


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