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So, when I came out to my family round about the middle of last year, it had exactly the opposite effect to what I'd expected, in that it actually brought us all closer together. Obviously, this is great - after a good few years mentally preparing myself for disownment, it's nice that everyone's chilled and I can actually be open around my folks now, and even my mother (whose atrocious reaction when I told her was what made me so doubtful) has now calmed down and accepted things.

In particular, coming out led to me discovering that one of my cousins, whom I hadn't talked to in years, is in fact even gayer and even nerdier than I am. I've visited her and her side of the family a few times, and a couple of weeks ago we went to see The Avengers together - and all of this is a roundabout way of explaining how and why I received this through the post this afternoon:

FUCKING LOOK AT THEM. THEY'RE SO LITTLE AND ROUND AND WHOLESOME. They're my late birthday present, and every time I look at them, Cap's little blond caterpillar eyebrows make me crack up anew.

They're just the most ridiculous and adorable things I've ever seen. Apparently there's also Spider-Man and Hulk models in the same range, which I'll have to look out for; I wish I knew how to whittle so I could make myself a little wooden Thor.

Being from a family of nerds is pretty much the best. Of course, now I'll have to repay her in kind, seeing as it was her birthday a few weeks back. I'm thinking maybe a knitted Loki. (God, I love Etsy.)


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