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Oh god, how long has it been since I've posted in this journal (not counting my Dear Yuletide Author post)? Heck, how long has it been since I've posted in any journals at all?

I do still regularly read my DW and LJ feeds, for what it's worth, and check Tumblr - but between journaling communities no longer being the main base for fannish activity and various factors in my own life, I just haven't been interacting much. Which is a shame, since there's a whole bunch of friends I've made via LJ/DW/Tumblr to a lesser extent which I would like to stay talking to and kind of haven't, mostly, out of pure laziness. Anyway, yes - I'm still here! Just quiet, that's all.

Anyway, in the meantime...

Fandomwise - uh, same old, same old. I still get ideas but my writing ability seems to have taken a hike. Yuletide is screwing me over, but that's traditional; I'll get it finished, most likely at the last minute. I've been reading and watching TV a lot, but can't think of anything that's truly grabbed me. Oh - I've finally jumped on the Welcome To Night Vale bandwagon, about a year too late. Definitely recommended for fans of conspiracy theory, creepypasta and small-town weirdness, and a great use of podcasting to do something different.

The other great love of my life right now is, somewhat unexpectedly, rugby league. I watched the opening match of the Rugby League World Cup on TV a few weeks ago just because it was a slow afternoon and nothing else was on, but to my surprise I was completely transfixed. It's easy for a newbie to understand, very entertaining, and satisfies the same appreciation for a combination of athletic brilliance and hilarious violence that ice hockey does. Several weeks later I'm now a bit obsessed, have my favourites in various teams, and am rueing the fact that after six years living in the very heartland of English rugby league country, near enough to the stadium to walk on foot, it's taken me until now to discover it - and I'm going to leave before the new season starts.

...because that's the big news - I've been accepted for grad school in Australia! Not in Melbourne (the course I wanted to do wasn't being offered this year, which is a bugger), but in Canberra. Hardly a party town, but the course looks amazing, and FUCK IT WHAT DOES IT MATTER I'M GOING TO AUSTRALIA. I will confess right now I do keep waking up in the middle of the night fretting about getting my affairs in order and how I'm going to afford it all (I have enough savings to pay for tuition, but not anything else; considering my grandpa once outright demanded I take his money to go and do postgraduate studies, I think my family will help out, but I'd feel bad asking for too much) - but I'm also really excited! Will keep you posted on sightings of kangaroos/didgeridoos/shirtless singing blokes, obviously.
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I'm still here!

I just, er, haven't been doing much, thanks to work and Tumblr and general apathy. But for those of us still stubbornly keeping this journal thing going, here's what's been occurring:

- Work still good, if occasionally intense; busy days go faster, though, and I'm on top of things. Summer appears to have been and gone already, but I can live with that, as my wardrobe isn't well-suited to hot weather and sun seems to bring out all the noisy people (as per being woken up at midnight by the remaining stragglers from next door's barbecue having a bizarre argument about the merits of putting mayonnaise on burgers). Absolutely bloody burned out on the fic front, which is annoying as anything - I still have the ideas, it's just nothing's coming out. I wrote a pinch-hit for Fic For Victory and it was both hard to write and personally unsatisfying when done, and that was with characters I really like, too. Probably just means it's rewatch time again.

- Talking of which, started rewatching Generation Kill, for the first time since I originally watched it back in... 2009, I think? Anyway, as I thought, immeasurably improved both by having read the book and also by putting on subtitles, which makes everything a lot easier to follow. It might also be having grown older and more cynical, or just inured to Marines and their ways, but I'm warming to the characters more this time round. Ray and Brad's old-married-couple bromance is still the best, but I also have boundless respect for Doc Bryan and I've never got why Garza doesn't get more love from the fandom; admittedly I've only ever puttered around the edges of GK fandom, but still, I never see him getting talked about, and that sucks, because he's great. Oh, and Trombley is still the prettiest, even if he does give me the shudders.

- Been to the movies a bit. Star Trek was great, even if I can personally take or leave Benedict Cumberbatch; really want to go and watch some of the TOS-based movies for comparison now. Behind the Candelabra also great for entirely different reasons. Haven't made my mind up about whether I'll see Man of Steel - I'm not a big Superman fan in general, but there are comics about him I've enjoyed (the original Siegel and Shuster stuff, Red Son, All-Star Superman); I've heard both positive and negative reviews.

- Oh, and last week I went on a date with a guy I'd been talking to on OkCupid. I've never been on a date before, but somehow I'm pretty sure I managed to not fuck it up! At least, it was successful enough that we're going out for dinner tomorrow. Early days yet, but this is an interesting and novel experience, and while I'm not entirely sure what he sees in me, I ain't gonna question it.
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Last Friday was my 24th birthday. Which means I am now undeniably in my mid-twenties - although also, mercifully, just about used enough to the concept of being a twentysomething that I'm no longer thrown into mild panic just by the thought of it. (God knows why it bothered me so much, given that I hated my teens, but it did. No doubt this is going to keep repeating itself every decade or so until I either mature enough to stop caring, or become senile enough to stop noticing.)

Anyway, over the past few years I've established the habit of celebrating my birthday by going off on a trip somewhere, and this time round I went to Manchester. Which I've visited before, but never for long enough to really appreciate it, and usually I've either ended up lost or quite drunk or both. It's a big, sprawly sort of city - not quite so much as London, but certainly enough to easily overwhelm a visitor who hasn't got a map handy. Luckily, this time I did have a map, and I had a thoroughly good time of it.

More specific details under the cut, including a few recommendations, a brief film review, and things that caught my eye. )
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So somehow it's six days into the holidays already (I'm counting weekends), and it's just flown by in a vague haze of relatives and cake. So many relatives. So much cake.

The day itself turned out to be a bit underwhelming, which was entirely my own fault for spending so long getting all hyped up and also for never getting round to telling anyone what I might like, so present-wise all I really got was chocolate and money. Not that I'm complaining about either, mind you. It wasn't unbearably awkward and Christmas dinner was delicious, and that's the main thing. (At least as far as I'm concerned.)

Asides from that...

- Yuletide! I've barely even got started on reading and commenting on the bulk of what was posted, but I got really lucky and received three lovely stories this year - two for the Thin Man, one with zombies and one with Time Lords, both with all the wit and charm and sparky dialogue you'd expect, and also a wonderful, subtle, thought-provoking character piece involving Faiza Hussain, my favourite character from Captain Britain and MI:13 (plus some cameos from the Avengers!). All well worth your time, if you've not seen them yet.

- Christmas TV! Doctor Who was good fun (especially the Sontaran) and I'm intrigued by what's going on with this new companion, though bits of it very much seemed like things we'd seen before. Victorian London, check. Much-loved secular Christmassy thing turns bad, check. Unusually attractive, intelligent and fearless woman leaves Doctor bemused, check. Not that this last one is pre-emptive character bashing, I'm sure Clara/Oswin/whatever her name turns out to be will have facets that distinguish her from Amy, River and, indeed, Irene Adler (there's the souffles, for a start) - it's just Moffat certainly has a type, doesn't he?

Downton was, well, the usual mixture of nostalgia, charm, wry humour and shaking one's fist at the television that it usually is. WHY WILL YOU NEVER LET ANYONE BE HAPPY, FELLOWES. At least there was Thomas's continuing progress towards being a decent human being and Molesley's drunk dancing to make up for things.

And other than that, I don't think I've caught much TV, though I did watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and How To Train Your Dragon. Underwhelmed by the former, I think because I know so many people who love it and so went in with unduly high expectations; really liked the latter, though I was unnecessarily distracted by the fact the kids have American accents and the adults have Scottish accents. And they're meant to be Vikings. Okay, Hollywood...

- Hobbits! So I've seen the Hobbit. Twice, due to different friends wanting to see it with me. And, well... it's not LOTR (and what could be), but despite its silliness and CGI-heaviness and the fact it could really do with being half an hour shorter, I really did love it, and along with the LOTR rewatch I did in the weeks leading up to the release, it's rekindled my love for Tolkien and fantasy fiction in general in a big way. I'll no doubt talk about this more later, because right now I'm mostly still in a 'cheerfully incoherent flailing' sort of mood about the whole thing. (It's also nice that for once my mood appears to be falling pretty much in line with that of fandom, in that I loved Fili and Kili to bits, and Bofur kind of came out of nowhere and stole all the scenes he was in with his snark and ridiculous Derek Smalls-esque facial hair. Loved Thorin, too, although thanks to Robin Hood, I just can't quite ever take Richard Armitage seriously in anything.)

I'd like to write some fic, some time in the nearish future, but nothing's come to mind as yet, other than a faintly ridiculous WWII AU, and a few casual doodles I have of warrior dwarf Harry Welsh and elven bard Hillbilly Jones. But give it time, we'll see how it goes.

...right, that's about it for now, I think. And how have you all been?
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Oh boy, it's here all right. There's ice on the pavements and a chill wind in the air, and I've caught my first cold of the season (luckily, it seems to be of the mild variety easily managed with ibuprofen and lots of strong coffee).

Still stoked about Christmas - the presents are mostly bought and my decorations are already up, not that it took long, seeing as it consists entirely of an advent calendar and a bauble dangled from one of the fronds of my potplant. There's still time to request cards, if you want one! I've got one batch sent off, but I've got enough cards left to do more.

Otherwise, life is okay. Nothing back from the colleges I applied to yet, but the deadline for Fall admissions is in January, so I doubt there'll be anything until some time after then. Work is dull, but unlike the last place, doesn't send me home filled with rage; also, nobody notices if I disappear for long periods of time and hide in a spare room reading articles about the Red Army on Wikipedia, so that's okay. I've been approached to write for an online magazine, completely out of the blue - not paid, mind, and from previous encounters with these 'hey I could totally run the next Jezebel/Awl/Vice from my bedroom with a staff of unpaid strangers' ventures I sincerely doubt it'll still be going in three months' time, but hey, it's at least practice.

Though talking of writing, boy, am I failing hard at producing any fic. So with that procrastination in mind - and maybe a kick up the arse in terms of thinking about what I write - have a meme that's been going round!

Pick a character I've written and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Preferably one I've written recently/regularly enough that I'm likely to actually have five concepts, or the answer you receive is likely to be disappointing.


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