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(I think I've been reading Cracked too much lately; I seem to be conceiving of everything in itemised lists, whether that's really the most appropriate way of presenting it or not.)

Three Things That Boggle My Mind

Wedding Ugg boots.

2. Ozombie: The Axis of Evil Dead, a film about zombie Osama Bin Laden. (It took me a while to realise that the pun in the title does work, just about, just not if you speak in an English accent.) I saw the DVD on sale in a branch of Asda, and it was all I could do to not break into hysterical, appalled laughter.

3. Samuel L. Jackson's Twitter feed. I think this is possibly 2012's answer to Donnie Wahlberg's Twitter feed in terms of celebrities who love capslock and borderline incoherency; the difference is, though, Donnie likes hugs and motivational phrases, whereas Samuel L. just has an apparently infinite number of ways of spelling his favourite word, 'motherfucker'.

Obviously, it is my headcanon that if Nick Fury had a Twitter feed, he would tweet exactly like this. Somebody's probably already written the fic.

Two Mildly Interesting Things That Happened Recently

Last Friday, I went to a lindy hop class, and it was awesome. Lindy hop's a particularly energetic and flamboyant form of swing dance - at its best, it's pretty spectacular.

Anyway, after much grumbling about not having anything to do with my time other than work and sleep, I finally realised I need to get out and get a hobby, and I've always sorta secretly wished I knew how to dance. Plus it's active and sociable whilst being a great deal more entertaining and less competitive than sports (ymmv on that, of course, but I've never taken well to team games.)

And I Googled around, and found pretty much the perfect group; it's very beginner-friendly, you pay for every lesson individually rather than subscribing, and there's a nice range of people there in terms of ages and abilities. They were mostly around my age, as it turned out, but with some older and younger, and pretty even numbers of guys and girls. And quite a lot of the guys were damn hot.

I have precisely no natural talent for it - honestly, I was pretty baffled just by the basics - but my experience of playing music means I've at least got a familiarity with following rhythm. And anyway, nobody's good after just one lesson of anything.

So yeah, early days, but I'm pretty stoked about having found a sociable hobby that I actually enjoy. (And knowing how to dance will no doubt come in handy if I ever find a way to travel back in time and pay a visit to the 40s. Some people plan for the end of the world; I plan for time travel.)

2. I got a PM the other day from [ profile] shanghai_jim saying he was mainly based on Tumblr now, so he'd made me a moderator of [ profile] aldbournewhores in his stead. Seeing as [ profile] hiyacynth isn't really active these days, I think that basically means it's my responsibility.

I haven't a clue why people think I'm a safe pair of hands.

Anyway, unlike when I sort of fell into being a mod at [ profile] camp_toccoa, I'm not quite sure what to do. AW is an old comm, and I'm fond of it, but it's not very active these days, and with fandom changing, I'm not sure it will be again.

I don't want to delete it, mind you - I'm just wondering whether to just leave it as it is, tidy it up and try and encourage more traffic, or close it/put it on hiatus in some way and open up c_t to gen and het (seeing as there's always been a fair bit of gen on c_t anyway). Or maybe some fourth option I haven't yet thought of.

Put it like this - if you were me, what would you do?
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You know, I think I'm losing my touch as a fanboy.

Maybe it's that I'm getting old (er, relatively) or that fandom's changing in terms of where it's based and how it worked, and it's definitely got something to do with my long-standing utter uselessness when it comes to large fandoms - but okay, I haven't a clue where to start with Avengers fandom. It's making me all confused and uncharacteristically shy (online, I mean; I know all about RL shyness, but it doesn't usually affect me here).

Is it all on Tumblr and AO3 these days, or are there comms? I know there's got to be the inevitable kink meme - always a good place to anonymously try one's hand at fic - but despite having tried various iterations of 'avengers kink' I don't appear to have found it yet (and Livejournal's search function is about as user-friendly as an iron maiden), and no doubt other things, but it all seems a bit scattered. So, er, people who are better at this shit at me, where do I start?

That said, one thing I have come across is [ profile] avengers_rbb, which I reckon I'd like to take part in - if I can just think of what to draw, that is. For any of you who've taken part in the writing side of a Reverse Big Bang, what kind of thing do you look for in an artwork that you claim? Any suggestions? (Actually, I just had a doozy of an idea involving Cap and the Howling Commandos in North Africa. TANKS! SHORTS! SOME KIND OF ROBOT SPHINX! Aww yeah.)

At least this one Pacific AU I've been working on for months on end is starting to finally come together; I'm about 6k through the third draft (it'll probably be about 30-40k in the end), and I reckon once that's done it'll only need someone else to look at it and a final vigorous polishing before it's actually good to go. Given that I've been beset by writer's block for a large portion of this year, it's nice to feel I've made a breakthrough.

And FFV's started posting, so I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of good reading.

How about you guys? Working on anything good?


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