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So, I managed to negotiate some time off work in April for my birthday. Originally I'd just intended to go visit the folks, but then I thought to myself, "Hey, with the Easter bank holidays as well, I've got a fair bit of time to play with - why don't I go on holiday for my birthday?"

It's been literally years since I've been out of the country, due to a) lack of money and b) lack of anyone to go on holiday with. But I earn a regular wage and I consider myself old enough and just about confident enough to travel by myself. So now the only question left to answer is where to go, and I've narrowed it down to two options:

1. Berlin

Arguments for: I've always wanted to go there but never got round to it; the past two times I've been to Germany, I've loved it. Loads of history to geek out about. German beer. German confectionery (some people rave over Belgian chocolate, I personally love that the Germans are great at making gummi bears). Haven't been to mainland Europe in aaages.

Arguments against: Only a limited number of flights from the airport I'd likely go from. I don't speak German.

2. Dublin

Arguments for: I've been once before but I was really knackered from the journey, so for all I remember it might as well be like I'm completely new to the place. Much cheaper flights and greater variety of days to choose from. No language barrier. Guinness and whiskey. IRISH BOYS.

Arguments against: Apparently more expensive in terms of accommodation. Not sure it's got as much to offer in terms of ways to occupy myself alone as Berlin might have.

If I knew how to do a poll on Dreamwidth, I'd put one here, but since I don't (or possibly don't have the ability to on a free account), I'll just ask for your opinions in the comments: should I spend my 23rd birthday in Berlin, Dublin, or somewhere else in Western Europe that's even more awesome which you're about to inform me about. (I'm willing to be persuaded on Amsterdam. Not sure about anywhere else.)


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