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Oh god, how long has it been since I've posted in this journal (not counting my Dear Yuletide Author post)? Heck, how long has it been since I've posted in any journals at all?

I do still regularly read my DW and LJ feeds, for what it's worth, and check Tumblr - but between journaling communities no longer being the main base for fannish activity and various factors in my own life, I just haven't been interacting much. Which is a shame, since there's a whole bunch of friends I've made via LJ/DW/Tumblr to a lesser extent which I would like to stay talking to and kind of haven't, mostly, out of pure laziness. Anyway, yes - I'm still here! Just quiet, that's all.

Anyway, in the meantime...

Fandomwise - uh, same old, same old. I still get ideas but my writing ability seems to have taken a hike. Yuletide is screwing me over, but that's traditional; I'll get it finished, most likely at the last minute. I've been reading and watching TV a lot, but can't think of anything that's truly grabbed me. Oh - I've finally jumped on the Welcome To Night Vale bandwagon, about a year too late. Definitely recommended for fans of conspiracy theory, creepypasta and small-town weirdness, and a great use of podcasting to do something different.

The other great love of my life right now is, somewhat unexpectedly, rugby league. I watched the opening match of the Rugby League World Cup on TV a few weeks ago just because it was a slow afternoon and nothing else was on, but to my surprise I was completely transfixed. It's easy for a newbie to understand, very entertaining, and satisfies the same appreciation for a combination of athletic brilliance and hilarious violence that ice hockey does. Several weeks later I'm now a bit obsessed, have my favourites in various teams, and am rueing the fact that after six years living in the very heartland of English rugby league country, near enough to the stadium to walk on foot, it's taken me until now to discover it - and I'm going to leave before the new season starts.

...because that's the big news - I've been accepted for grad school in Australia! Not in Melbourne (the course I wanted to do wasn't being offered this year, which is a bugger), but in Canberra. Hardly a party town, but the course looks amazing, and FUCK IT WHAT DOES IT MATTER I'M GOING TO AUSTRALIA. I will confess right now I do keep waking up in the middle of the night fretting about getting my affairs in order and how I'm going to afford it all (I have enough savings to pay for tuition, but not anything else; considering my grandpa once outright demanded I take his money to go and do postgraduate studies, I think my family will help out, but I'd feel bad asking for too much) - but I'm also really excited! Will keep you posted on sightings of kangaroos/didgeridoos/shirtless singing blokes, obviously.


Apr. 2nd, 2013 06:41 pm
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I have now officially heard back from all three colleges that I applied to grad school at.

I have had my application rejected by all three colleges that I applied to grad school at.

Oddly enough I'm not as shocked or upset by this as I thought I might be - after getting the denial from Amherst, I could somehow feel it in my bones that NYU weren't going to go for it either, so had already psyched myself up for the blow. Obviously I'm a little ticked-off considering the time and money I invested into my applications, but not especially bothered.

Particularly since I always had a Plan B, that being, "well, sod it, I'll go to Australia."

I haven't sent off any applications yet, but Aussie term times being different, I have lots of time and far less documentation to get together. I've got enough time left on my current lease to have plenty of time to find a new place to rent for a few more months, and extra time in this country gives me extra time to save up (plus, Australian universities are cheaper than American ones; I've already got enough to cover tuition fees at most places, whereas it'd have been very tight in the US even with my savings and what wages I could hypothetically earn as a TA). I may be overly optimistic, but I get the distinct impression that if I have a good BA and can speak English - which, what d'you know, I do - I'm almost certain to get in at the places I'd like to apply.

So, a bit annoying, and I probably shouldn't talk like it's all in the bag just yet, but still. I don't believe in fate or destiny but I do reckon things have a way of working out. Land of half-naked singing blokes, here I come!
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So, this morning I finally sent off the last of my applications to grad school.


Now I just have to sit and wait patiently and try my best to maintain the confidence I had in what I submitted when I sent all the damn stuff off. I'm doing a pretty good job of it at the moment, but it's gonna be a long damn wait until January (or whenever the heck it is they get back to me).


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