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'Sup, LJ/DW/whatever? Now I've got access back, I really ought to get into the habit of posting regularly again. Not that I really was before, but it's this or actually get round to working on my personal statement and/or emailing old university tutors who don't remember me asking them for letters of recommendation, and right now, procrastination is winning.

So, have a meme of sorts that I just made up - the following list is the file names of all the incomplete and/or abandoned WIPs I've got saved in my fic folders, organised roughly by fandom ('Australians' is my catch-all shorthand for anything relating to Aussie war fandoms - Changi, Gallipoli, Beneath Hill 60 etc.). Comment with a fic title, and I'll give you an excerpt.


beyond the sea
decline and fall
heard so much
lol threesome
mirrorverse rough
new arrival
penk and spina
romance novelist
scenes from the triumph
the war at home

stress relief

flowers in your hair
hawkeye and haldane

(The Pacific)
bungle in the jungle
crash and burn
impossible things
sea people
shameless filth
there is no excuse for this
through the years
unfinished business

Not that I'm actually working on any of these right now, mind you - my current projects are a follow-up to the Captain America fic I wrote last year, and a modern-day Pacific AU loosely inspired by GK, with Leckie as an embedded reporter in Iraq. I'm quite excited about getting to work on the second one in particular, although also a little daunted, as while I'm perfectly comfortable using historical wars as backdrops, I feel inexplicably uncomfortable doing the same thing with more recent ones. I don't exactly want to just make shit up out of nowhere either, though, and even a small amount of research has given me a few events which would perfectly as background... so, er, those of you who've written stuff in a modern warfare setting, how do you deal with this?
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Apologies for spamming anyone's reading list/f-list, but with fandom being so all over the place these days, I'm posting things to various places at once. Which is all the more complicated when there's not a specific main fandom comm, or in the case of this fic (which only one of you is likely to read anyway), no real fandom at all.

Anyway, on the off-chance -

Let Me Follow You Down - Frank Dunne/Archy Hamilton, R
aka, the fic I'd basically wanted to write ever since watching Gallipoli for the first time, and which got somewhat out of hand, as is usually the case with my writing)

Frank had followed Archy, and Archy had followed him, and this was where that path had led them.

(on lj ¦ on ao3)


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