Apr. 2nd, 2013 06:41 pm
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I have now officially heard back from all three colleges that I applied to grad school at.

I have had my application rejected by all three colleges that I applied to grad school at.

Oddly enough I'm not as shocked or upset by this as I thought I might be - after getting the denial from Amherst, I could somehow feel it in my bones that NYU weren't going to go for it either, so had already psyched myself up for the blow. Obviously I'm a little ticked-off considering the time and money I invested into my applications, but not especially bothered.

Particularly since I always had a Plan B, that being, "well, sod it, I'll go to Australia."

I haven't sent off any applications yet, but Aussie term times being different, I have lots of time and far less documentation to get together. I've got enough time left on my current lease to have plenty of time to find a new place to rent for a few more months, and extra time in this country gives me extra time to save up (plus, Australian universities are cheaper than American ones; I've already got enough to cover tuition fees at most places, whereas it'd have been very tight in the US even with my savings and what wages I could hypothetically earn as a TA). I may be overly optimistic, but I get the distinct impression that if I have a good BA and can speak English - which, what d'you know, I do - I'm almost certain to get in at the places I'd like to apply.

So, a bit annoying, and I probably shouldn't talk like it's all in the bag just yet, but still. I don't believe in fate or destiny but I do reckon things have a way of working out. Land of half-naked singing blokes, here I come!
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'Sup, LJ/DW/whatever? Now I've got access back, I really ought to get into the habit of posting regularly again. Not that I really was before, but it's this or actually get round to working on my personal statement and/or emailing old university tutors who don't remember me asking them for letters of recommendation, and right now, procrastination is winning.

So, have a meme of sorts that I just made up - the following list is the file names of all the incomplete and/or abandoned WIPs I've got saved in my fic folders, organised roughly by fandom ('Australians' is my catch-all shorthand for anything relating to Aussie war fandoms - Changi, Gallipoli, Beneath Hill 60 etc.). Comment with a fic title, and I'll give you an excerpt.


beyond the sea
decline and fall
heard so much
lol threesome
mirrorverse rough
new arrival
penk and spina
romance novelist
scenes from the triumph
the war at home

stress relief

flowers in your hair
hawkeye and haldane

(The Pacific)
bungle in the jungle
crash and burn
impossible things
sea people
shameless filth
there is no excuse for this
through the years
unfinished business

Not that I'm actually working on any of these right now, mind you - my current projects are a follow-up to the Captain America fic I wrote last year, and a modern-day Pacific AU loosely inspired by GK, with Leckie as an embedded reporter in Iraq. I'm quite excited about getting to work on the second one in particular, although also a little daunted, as while I'm perfectly comfortable using historical wars as backdrops, I feel inexplicably uncomfortable doing the same thing with more recent ones. I don't exactly want to just make shit up out of nowhere either, though, and even a small amount of research has given me a few events which would perfectly as background... so, er, those of you who've written stuff in a modern warfare setting, how do you deal with this?
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So, the good news is, I've finally moved into the actual flat I signed a contract for.

The bad news is, there's no phone connection, and the soonest I could get one installed is at the very end of the month. So my grand return to the internet is to be postponed for a few weeks more. I'm still sort of here, though, even if it's only via short trips to the nearest coffee shop with wifi once or twice a week. I get the feeling that not much has been happening while I've been away (give or take [personal profile] newredshoes watching the BBC Robin Hood, which has been hilarious and I wish I could've experienced those posts as they happened), but I've been missing you guys!

What I've been doing in the meantime:

- catching up on books and DVDs. I raced my way through the whole of Season 1 and about half of Season 2 of Breaking Bad in a week or so - it's been a long time since a drama grabbed me by the scruff and refused to let go like that, but it's just fantastic. A little far-fetched at times, as these high-concept glossy dramas often are, but always gripping, and it does an excellent job of balancing the grim stuff (of which there's plenty, as you'd expect from a show whose main themes are terminal illness and the drugs trade) with humour and occasional explosions. I'm also well into The People's War, by Angus Calder, which is pretty much the best book about Britain in the Second World War that I've ever read. And I've read plenty. It's a huge thick book, but extremely readable, full of details, and I've already learned a heck of a lot I didn't know before.

- baking the occasional cake, with varying success, and compensating for the consumption of said cake with running, with slightly more success. I've been meaning to do Couch to 5k for ages, and finally got round to it - it's a challenge, and I don't think I'd have made it past the first week without the improvements in my fitness I've already made since the start of the year, but it does feel damn good to complete another half hour, and I'm confident of getting through the whole nine weeks. If I don't manage to snap a tendon first.

- writing. Not much to show for it yet, but I will have fic for you when I finally make my proper return. Maybe even with illustrations.
And while that's being beta'd, I'm always up for suggestions for other things! I've been poking a little at various WIPs, but I've not got anything else seriously under way.

- planning another holiday, this time to Amsterdam, for a few days at the start of September. I don't know much about the place and I don't speak a word of Dutch, but heck, that just makes it more of an adventure.

- watching the Olympics. Well, the opening ceremony, at least, which I was thoroughly impressed by. Beijing might have thousands of drummers, but we had live sheep, Kenneth Branagh, Voldemort being defeated by a fleet of Mary Poppinses, lindy-hopping NHS staff, Mr Bean, and JAMES BOND AND THE QUEEN JUMPING OUT OF A HELICOPTER. FUCK YEAH. I was also rather charmed that the crowd I was watching it with (I was at a public screening) were nationalistic enough to stand for the national anthem, but not enough to actually sing along.

Also, I think I've developed a bit of a weird crush on Bradley Wiggins. It's the sideburns. I honestly had no idea what he looked like, until recently, and I really wasn't expecting such magnificent sideburns.

So, yeah. That's pretty much it. I'm still checking in, now and then, so I may drop the occasional comment; but otherwise, see you in a month! (With any luck.)
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You know, I think I'm losing my touch as a fanboy.

Maybe it's that I'm getting old (er, relatively) or that fandom's changing in terms of where it's based and how it worked, and it's definitely got something to do with my long-standing utter uselessness when it comes to large fandoms - but okay, I haven't a clue where to start with Avengers fandom. It's making me all confused and uncharacteristically shy (online, I mean; I know all about RL shyness, but it doesn't usually affect me here).

Is it all on Tumblr and AO3 these days, or are there comms? I know there's got to be the inevitable kink meme - always a good place to anonymously try one's hand at fic - but despite having tried various iterations of 'avengers kink' I don't appear to have found it yet (and Livejournal's search function is about as user-friendly as an iron maiden), and no doubt other things, but it all seems a bit scattered. So, er, people who are better at this shit at me, where do I start?

That said, one thing I have come across is [livejournal.com profile] avengers_rbb, which I reckon I'd like to take part in - if I can just think of what to draw, that is. For any of you who've taken part in the writing side of a Reverse Big Bang, what kind of thing do you look for in an artwork that you claim? Any suggestions? (Actually, I just had a doozy of an idea involving Cap and the Howling Commandos in North Africa. TANKS! SHORTS! SOME KIND OF ROBOT SPHINX! Aww yeah.)

At least this one Pacific AU I've been working on for months on end is starting to finally come together; I'm about 6k through the third draft (it'll probably be about 30-40k in the end), and I reckon once that's done it'll only need someone else to look at it and a final vigorous polishing before it's actually good to go. Given that I've been beset by writer's block for a large portion of this year, it's nice to feel I've made a breakthrough.

And FFV's started posting, so I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of good reading.

How about you guys? Working on anything good?
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These are my new boots. I bought them yesterday. I'm starting the year off with a picture of them because I intend to use them to KICK 2012 IN THE ASS. (Also because I'm kind of in love with them at the moment. The pic doesn't show it very well, but they've got this fleecy lining that is super comfy and makes me feel like a World War One flying ace.)

I always make the same resolutions at the start of every year: to work harder, and to be braver. I make the same ones not because I always fail (though fair's fair, I've yet to actually successfully become what I would consider hard-working or courageous), but just to remind myself to keep on at it.

I've got to knuckle down this year. This autumn, I'll be applying to grad school, so I've got approximately nine months to save more money, do the GRE, work on a personal statement, figure out who to ask for references, research and write an essay to submit as a writing sample, and generally try not to freak out. Any recommendations from those of you who've been through the process would be welcome.

I could also do with getting a job that pays a little more and doesn't bore me senseless. Doing some volunteering would be a great way to boost my university application (and also be a good thing in itself). I always intend to write more fic and draw more art than I ever get round to, and I've got lots of big plans I really should make good on. It'd be kinda nice to have a relationship, too, though I don't have any illusions about the likelihood of that coming around.

I've got a big job ahead of me. But I'm feeling up to it. I'm energised. I'm optimistic. I'm going to eat more vegetables, do more exercise, take my vitamins and try and tidy the kitchen more often. (Maybe not that last one. No amount of resolve could stop me from despising cleaning.) COME AT ME, 2012. I'M READY.

Okay, and that aside, some other things -

Yuletide reveals are out! For the record, I wrote The More Things Change for [archiveofourown.org profile] shell - it's Captain America, Steve/Bucky, and I had a blast writing it, even if I did at first rather regret volunteering to write for a massively popular canon that I'd only actually seen once.

This is my first post using DW; I kinda like it, though right now everything feels quiet and I think it'll take some getting used to. Still, it seems to be picking up momentum. Recs for comms I should be paying attention to, guys?

Meanwhile, if you're back on LJ, rest assured, I'm still hanging around there and crossposting for as long as fandom sticks around there. I do feel like things are starting to fragment, though. Much as I would like fandom to all be concentrated on one nice, familiar, preferably well-run and functional journal site, times are changing and sadly, we've got to move with them.

Which is a convoluted way of saying I'm giving Tumblr a go. You can find me at [tumblr.com profile] oneyardatatime - I would've been skew-whiff, of course, but someone got there before me. (How dare they!) It'll probably be the usual combination of fannish faffing around and historical geekery, but in bite-sized portions for short attention spans. Again, drop me a line if you want me to add you or you know of a blog that I ought to be following.

I think that's it for now. And jeez, that's more than enough. F-list/reading circle, what have you been up to? Any plans for the coming year?


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