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skew_whiff ([personal profile] skew_whiff) wrote2013-06-17 06:40 pm

State of the Skew, Mid-Year Check-In

I'm still here!

I just, er, haven't been doing much, thanks to work and Tumblr and general apathy. But for those of us still stubbornly keeping this journal thing going, here's what's been occurring:

- Work still good, if occasionally intense; busy days go faster, though, and I'm on top of things. Summer appears to have been and gone already, but I can live with that, as my wardrobe isn't well-suited to hot weather and sun seems to bring out all the noisy people (as per being woken up at midnight by the remaining stragglers from next door's barbecue having a bizarre argument about the merits of putting mayonnaise on burgers). Absolutely bloody burned out on the fic front, which is annoying as anything - I still have the ideas, it's just nothing's coming out. I wrote a pinch-hit for Fic For Victory and it was both hard to write and personally unsatisfying when done, and that was with characters I really like, too. Probably just means it's rewatch time again.

- Talking of which, started rewatching Generation Kill, for the first time since I originally watched it back in... 2009, I think? Anyway, as I thought, immeasurably improved both by having read the book and also by putting on subtitles, which makes everything a lot easier to follow. It might also be having grown older and more cynical, or just inured to Marines and their ways, but I'm warming to the characters more this time round. Ray and Brad's old-married-couple bromance is still the best, but I also have boundless respect for Doc Bryan and I've never got why Garza doesn't get more love from the fandom; admittedly I've only ever puttered around the edges of GK fandom, but still, I never see him getting talked about, and that sucks, because he's great. Oh, and Trombley is still the prettiest, even if he does give me the shudders.

- Been to the movies a bit. Star Trek was great, even if I can personally take or leave Benedict Cumberbatch; really want to go and watch some of the TOS-based movies for comparison now. Behind the Candelabra also great for entirely different reasons. Haven't made my mind up about whether I'll see Man of Steel - I'm not a big Superman fan in general, but there are comics about him I've enjoyed (the original Siegel and Shuster stuff, Red Son, All-Star Superman); I've heard both positive and negative reviews.

- Oh, and last week I went on a date with a guy I'd been talking to on OkCupid. I've never been on a date before, but somehow I'm pretty sure I managed to not fuck it up! At least, it was successful enough that we're going out for dinner tomorrow. Early days yet, but this is an interesting and novel experience, and while I'm not entirely sure what he sees in me, I ain't gonna question it.

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