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I have now officially heard back from all three colleges that I applied to grad school at.

I have had my application rejected by all three colleges that I applied to grad school at.

Oddly enough I'm not as shocked or upset by this as I thought I might be - after getting the denial from Amherst, I could somehow feel it in my bones that NYU weren't going to go for it either, so had already psyched myself up for the blow. Obviously I'm a little ticked-off considering the time and money I invested into my applications, but not especially bothered.

Particularly since I always had a Plan B, that being, "well, sod it, I'll go to Australia."

I haven't sent off any applications yet, but Aussie term times being different, I have lots of time and far less documentation to get together. I've got enough time left on my current lease to have plenty of time to find a new place to rent for a few more months, and extra time in this country gives me extra time to save up (plus, Australian universities are cheaper than American ones; I've already got enough to cover tuition fees at most places, whereas it'd have been very tight in the US even with my savings and what wages I could hypothetically earn as a TA). I may be overly optimistic, but I get the distinct impression that if I have a good BA and can speak English - which, what d'you know, I do - I'm almost certain to get in at the places I'd like to apply.

So, a bit annoying, and I probably shouldn't talk like it's all in the bag just yet, but still. I don't believe in fate or destiny but I do reckon things have a way of working out. Land of half-naked singing blokes, here I come!
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Dammit, indeed. For my own selfish reasons, I would have been thrilled to have you close by. I now wish you all the luck with your Aussie applications! *hug*
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That sucks! I'm sorry to hear you got rejected :/

You seem like you're taking it pretty well though. Australia sounds like it might be even better for you too, which is good.