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skew_whiff ([personal profile] skew_whiff) wrote2013-02-20 06:05 pm

All of a sudden, things are looking up

1. I've got a new job!

The timing's been a little odd, in that it's all entirely by coincidence come together on the very last day of my contract running out, but I'm really pleased to finally have something different to do.

As is so often the case with office jobs, it takes an annoyingly long time to completely explain, but the short version is that I'm still working for the NHS, but now I'm writing replies to Freedom of Information requests and complaints and other correspondence sent in to the Commissioning Board, which is one of the various managing bodies in the vague levels between the government and the people who do the actual healthcare. It was a rather drawn-out process in which I had to do a load of tests to make sure I was reasonably literate, and then they took forever to come back to me with a start date, but it's pretty much all sorted now. It pays much better than the old job, it'll probably be a little more exciting (or at least not feel quite as degrading as carrying around boxes and finding bits of paper for people who are too important to look around their own damn offices) - and seeing as it's a new office being set up and a lot of people have been recruited all at once, by complete chance, one of my best friends has also got a job there. So even if it's awful at least I'll have somebody to endure it with.

2. After I had a bit of a moment in the pub last Saturday where I got somewhat bitter and maudlin about being perpetually single, I stumbled home and in a fit of beer-fuelled determination, fired up my computer and reactivated my OkCupid account.

It's nice when things I do after a couple of beers still make sense in the cold light of day - uploaded a more recent photo, rewrote the profile, and to my pleasant surprise, I've already received a few messages from some pretty decent chaps.

I'm not going to get ahead of myself, but it's good to be doing something other than just being a grumpy old recluse, and it's always nice to have reassurance that there's nothing inherently off-putting about me. (Which I know I shouldn't need reassuring about, but my deep-seated irrational hang-ups are frustratingly resistant to logic.)

3. And I've actually heard back from one of the universities I applied to, as well!

It was a rejection, mind you, but I'm not too bothered - Brown was always my long-shot choice, and by far the weakest of the applications I sent in. It still feels sort of positive, just knowing if that I've got one response through, I shouldn't have to wait too much longer for the others.

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