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So, this weekend, I went to my first ever comic convention!


Okay, so - I've lived in Leeds about six years now, which is coincidentally also about how long that the Thought Bubble convention's been running here. Seeing as I may well be leaving this area soon, I thought I might as well take the chance and go along for a day.

And I'm really glad I did! It was lovely, neither so big as to be overwhelming or so small as to miss the point, with lots of names I knew, and lots of new talents to discover. The fact it was hosted at the Royal Armouries was a nice bonus, too, because when I'd been round all the tables and had some time to kill before the panel I wanted to see at the end of the day, I could nip into the museum (which is free) and have a look round all the armour and guns and things.

But I digress.

Kate Beaton was one of the main reasons I decided to go, her and Mark Waid (I only wish I'd known Barry Kitson was going to be there as well, or I'd have taken along my copy of The Flash and Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold to see if I could get them both to sign it) - I was really lucky and got in the queue for signings at the start, so didn't have long to wait.

Anyway, she was really nice and I managed to talk to her like a reasonable non-scary person after being worried I might go all tongue-tied, and my impression of a duck eating spicy food made her laugh. (This was relevant to our conversation, I didn't just bust it out apropos of nothing.)

So now I've got a signed copy of Hark! A Vagrant!

The duck is wearing a centurion's hat and holding a cigarette because it's a hipster duck - she'd asked what my favourite strips were, and I'd said Hipster Battalion and the Motherfucking Breadcrumbs duck. I am going to treasure this forever, or at least until it goes all yellow and the binding falls apart.

Asides from that - went to a couple of panels, one with a bunch of writers and artists from 2000AD, one with another variety of writers discussing their work. Bought a couple of indie comics. Browsed a miniature museum about the history of an imaginary steampunk military organisation largely concerned with tea (it was as convoluted and silly as it sounds). Picked a pin from The Melon of Chance - didn't win anything, but it was worth it just to say I did. Bought a delicious cookie from a cake stand run by a roller derby team.

Admired the cosplayers - this deserves a paragraph in itself, because there were lots of them, and they were for the most part excellent. There were two Judge Dredds, both who'd put a heck of a lot of work into their costumes; pretty much the whole selection of Team Fortress 2 characters; a rather good-looking Winter Soldier; a number of handsome steampunky chaps; the inevitable barrage of slightly rubbish Jokers; and one of my favourite sights of the whole day was witnessing a conga line of Homestuck characters in the courtyard. There had to have been at least twenty of them, if not more. I've now added 'attend a convention in costume' to my list of things to do at some point in my life, though I'm damned if I know what I'd go as. Any suggestions?

Asides from that - life is going pretty well right now. The current job is dull, but doesn't fill me with homicidal rage like the old one did. Finally got all my recommendations and extra documents sent off for my grad school applications. I am, for once, well ahead of time in terms of preparing for Christmas - normally I don't allow myself to even think about it until December 1st, but this time I felt like planning ahead, and I'm already getting a little too excited. I am pleased that The Hour is back on TV to fill the historical drama-shaped gap left by Downton - I had forgotten how much I a) appreciate Ben Whishaw's lovely face and b) fucking love the character of Lix. I want a Lix in my life with which to exchange snarky commentary and drink gin.

On the downside, it's been the best part of two and a half weeks and I haven't even started on my Yuletide assignment, but I think my writing mojo is beginning to return. I just need to move it away from a desire to write nothing but Ack-Ack/Hillbilly and Steve/Bucky smut, and point it in the direction of something more constructive.

And how are you all doing this fine evening, internet?
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That convention sounds awesome. I am so jealous that you got to meet Kate Beaton, she is definitely one of my favorites!

I haven't started my Yuletide assignment either and have become quite afraid of it. I still don't have any real idea of what to write for it! We've got a month though, so there's still a lot of time to flail and panic about it.