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skew_whiff ([personal profile] skew_whiff) wrote2012-09-01 02:21 pm

This is getting stupid

So, over the past two months, the following has happened:

- I was delayed by a month from moving into the flat I'd rented because neither letting agent or landlord ever bothered to check the previous tenant's contract dates.

- I was sacked from my job. (It was my own fault, in that I'd kept losing my temper with my co-workers, but I wouldn't have lost my temper with them in the first place if they hadn't been so unbelievably stupid and irritating. It was the culmination of a long, long process of having my patience gradually eroded.) I have another job, because I'm still with the temp agency, but it's an hour's walk each way through a scummy area of town.

- I waited in on a Saturday for a delivery that never arrived. Twice. In the end I cancelled the order and went in and bought the same item from a shop in town and took it home on the bus; not exactly easy, given that it's a bookcase taller than I am.

- The Royal Mail couldn't fit my new router through the letterbox because it was too big. I had to arrange for it to be redelivered; it would've come to my local post office for collection today, but on Saturdays, it only opens in the mornings. Which I only remembered at half past one.

- Not that that matters, because after waiting a whole month for an engineer to be available to install a new phone line in my flat, I get a text telling me I don't need an engineer, they can activate the old phone line in my flat automatically. I am sceptical of this, because my flat is one of several in a large house and I wasn't able to specify which flat it was when I signed up, but they assure me it'll all work out.
Today, despite an email from the internet provider telling me my new line is live, the phone line in my flat is dead. Possibly a line somewhere else in the house is all ready to go, but the one I can actually get to sure ain't. So once again, I'm writing this post in a library.

I realise this is all pretty small stuff, in the grand scheme of things; just little setbacks and inconveniences, not tragedies. Still, I'm feeling pretty ticked off with the world right now, and a little sick of talking to people in call centres.

I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow (that is, if I can manage to check in online here and be able to access my boarding pass to print it off at home). I am very much hoping that that, at least, goes smoothly; I intend to drink a great deal of beer and eat a great quantity of cheese and pancakes and things, and to generally work off the general sense of fed-up-ness that's built up since July.

If I'm lucky, I will have collected my router and sorted out my connection by the end of next week. As it is, though, luck isn't something I appear to have very much of at the moment. So I'll see you whenever.

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