skew_whiff: (keep calm and carry on)
skew_whiff ([personal profile] skew_whiff) wrote2012-07-03 04:29 pm

A series of unfortunate events

So, it looks like I'm not going to be around for a while.

You can blame this on the fact that my landlord and letting agents couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery - despite having signed a contract in February, and having emailed my landlord about the moving-in date back in June, only yesterday did I actually find out there'd been some monumental balls-up which meant I'd signed up to rent a flat from July to July... while the previous tenant was in there from August to August.

It's all worked out mostly okay - there was a flat in the same house that was empty, so I'm staying there for a month - but it does mean I won't have a regular internet connection until some time in early August.

I'll still be checking my emails every so often (that is, when I have the time and money to use the wi-fi at a coffee shop, like I'm doing now god I feel like such a hipster douche, sitting with a netbook at Starbucks), but otherwise, I think it'll probably be a good thing to have a break from the internet and from fandom. Maybe I'll go out and explore and reconnect with the outside world. Or maybe I'll just stay in and write fic. Either way, it'll be an opportunity to get things done.

So I'll be back in a few weeks. Hopefully with something good to show for it.

Try not to have too much fun without me, okay?

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