Nov. 27th, 2012

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Normally, I do my very best to completely ignore Christmas until it's actually December time. I grumble when the shops begin selling Christmas pudding and mince pies in late October (they'll be all stale by the time it's appropriate to eat them!) and think 'too soon' when the lights go up in November. I never get round to buying presents until it's too late and find myself standing in long queues on cold, dark Saturday afternoons in shops I'd never usually go in, quietly wishing death on everybody else there.

But for some reason this year I started getting totally stoked about Christmas round about early November and it hasn't worn off year. I've done most of the present-buying already, I've got my chocolate advent calendar ready for a few days' time, and I can't wait for the big day. Maybe it's because I'm on better terms with my family than I was a few years ago, or because I'm growing more sentimental as I get older, or maybe it's just because I've got nothing better to do.

Which is all a very roundabout way of saying, it's that time of year again, so here's the annual post to ask if anybody'd like a card from me this year. You know how it goes - if you'd like me to send you a Christmas card, leave your name and address in the comments. They're screened for privacy's sake, of course. Any particular requests? Feel free to make them! (Within reason, obviously. No Faberge eggs or gift-wrapped Damian Lewises, etc.)


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