Jun. 27th, 2012

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So I really should be packing and cleaning, but I'm not, because packing and cleaning suck. It's typical - for the past six months at least I've been longing for the day I can move out of this house, but now it comes round, it's just too much like hard work. I've already strained a muscle in my back heaving boxes full of books downstairs, and there's still so much more to put away. And then I've got to move to the new place and unpack and set up all my utilities and get a new internet provider - so it's gonna be radio silence from 1st of July to whenever the heck that gets set up.

Hopefully it won't be too long, and anyway, everywhere seems quieter these days. It'll be a good chance to work on some fic, too. I can't believe I haven't posted anything since February; some of which is due to having spent months working on a long story, and some due to lack of motivation when I come home from the working day. And I dunno, maybe I'm growing out of fandom a little. Then again, as I recall, I felt like that a couple of years ago and then The Pacific came along and hit me like a freight train full of emotions.


Best thing about moving, so far, is that I've taken some time off work - which, oh god, is so good for my state of mind, the atmosphere in that place is soul-destroying and I just can't seem to get even an interview anywhere else - and TODAY I WENT TO SEE ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

Which is exactly what the title says it is, and great fun, if you like kitschy horror and crack historical RPF. It takes a bit of time to get going. I wasn't sold on it for quite a while, and I felt the first half moved along without really developing any of the characters or giving me adequate explanations for why friendships were formed or people did what they did, but by the end I had a massive smile on my face. There's some great action set pieces - I was quite amused by how much it borrowed from the Matrix, and one scene was basically that fight on the trucks from Matrix Reloaded except with horses - and all the Gettysburg stuff just gladdened my war nerd heart. It's far from perfect, and (very pretty 3D asides) you won't miss much if you wait 'til it comes out on DVD, but the concept and the charm of the actors manage to carry it through.

Plus I do love the 'verse, and I do want all the cracky historical RPF spin-off fic. I want other presidents learning to carry on the tradition - Teddy Roosevelt would be a natural, as would Eisenhower, and I could go for Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley teaming up to take on vampires in Vegas. I want the further adventures of Harriet Tubman in that 'verse, with or without Mary Lincoln in tow. I've just finished reading The Killer Angels for the second time, and I could seriously go for Gettysburg-with-vampires from an on-the-ground perspective. Except I rather suspect hardly anyone would read any of it. Ah well.


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