Mar. 27th, 2012

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Did my GRE today!

Which, actually, was not half as hard as I'd been expecting. Some of the maths was completely baffling and I had to guess at quite a few of the questions, but the vocabulary stuff was much easier than the things I'd been revising. My hard work memorising the definitions of pompous words like 'exigence', 'alacrity' and 'lugubrious' was not needed, it turned out.

According to the scores provided at the end of the test, I got 164 on the verbal reasoning and 155 on the quantitative reasoning, which I believe are 'quite good' and 'not brilliant but not bad for someone who could barely remember how to multiply six weeks ago', respectively. (For those going 'holy crap, those are a bit low!', the scoring system's been revised recently. I've been doing my best to look up comparisons to check out my averages, and feeling fairly confident.)

So that's that. Now I've just got to figure out an essay topic for my writing sample, write a personal statement, go around begging old tutors for letters of recommendation, and it would probably help to figure out some ideas for my thesis. ...dammit, US universities, why does your admissions process have to be so complicated? You'd better make this shit worth my while.

Again - suggestions are welcome. Very welcome.

Also, in the end, I went to see 21 Jump Street, which I thoroughly recommend. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, at first, but I ended up laughing out loud with surprising regularity.

The quickest way to describe it is that it's very reminiscent of Hot Fuzz, being a fish-out-of-water buddy cop comedy, but with a more American style of humour. That's not a criticism, btw, it's just a little different in tone. I thought the cast were all excellent - including the kids, not that most of them actually looked like kids (asides from the nerds, who I loved; I'm now waiting for the chemical-compound-themed hoodie craze to sweep America) - and the writing did a nice job of balancing utter ridiculousness with being aware of how ridiculous it was (without tipping over into actual parody).

I should note I've not seen the original TV series so I can't compare it to that - I'd be interested to know if it's any good - but the script does a good job of tying it to the past while establishing it as a standalone movie that's completely enjoyable on its own terms.

I should also note that, inevitably, I want ALL THE AUS - quite a few of my fandoms could very easily fit into that (war fandoms are obvious, though also I think the 'nerd and jock go back to school' thing would lend itself weirdly well to Steve and Bucky - throw in Tony Stark as the hipster kid up to no good and Bruce Banner as one of the nerds, and it almost writes itself) - but I'm going to be good and restrain myself. Just sayin' though, f-list, if you're running short of ideas...


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